Photographing the finer details

As a Dad I feel that I should again share and reblog the beautiful work My Daughter is doing over at her Blog. Please visit her Blog and drop her a like etc etc..

Lizzies Life

Over the summer while exploring a few of my Favourite locations we visit every year, I set myself the challenge of looking for the photos that others might not necessarily think of or see. Where as someone else may take photos of the surrounding Mountains or buildings, I already had some variation of those photos.

So I thought outside of the box. I changed angle, I got down lower, I zoomed in on some fallen petals or the bark of a tree and I looked at the beauty in the smaller details. Bellow are a selection of photos from various locations.

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Autumn Rainfall

Sitting in my little office late at night working on my next poem, I was experimenting on a different rhyming pattern as it were. But after settling on a new style I quickly reverted back to where I was most happy with. It appeared a little funny to me that the first 2 stanzas of … Continue reading Autumn Rainfall

Allihies, Beara Peninsula, West Cork

I am encouraging everyone to visit this beautiful Blog. It is owned and run by my daughter. I know the ammount of work she has done on this. PLease encourage her.. I know Lizzie will be blessed.

Lizzies Life

Back in August, I was given the opportunity to accompany my best friend and her aunt on a trip to Allihies in west cork. Allihies is an old mining town, located at the end of the Beara Peninsula and sits in a beautiful location with mountains on 3 sides and a stunning ocean view on the 4th side.

A view of the town and surrounding mountains from the road in

The History of Allihies

Back in 1812, a large copper deposit was discovered in the hills and mountains surrounding the town. The Puxley family then established a company to operate the bereheven copper mines at allihies, resulting in the biggest copper mining enterprise in ireland and transporting this remote village into the industrial revolution. These Mines eventually closed in 1884.

Evidence of this mining past is still visible around Allihies, with the ruins of three Large Cornish Engine Houses visibleā€¦

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