Autumn Rainfall

Sitting in my little office late at night working on my next poem, I was experimenting on a different rhyming pattern as it were. But after settling on a new style I quickly reverted back to where I was most happy with. It appeared a little funny to me that the first 2 stanzas of todays poem remain the same with the exception of switching lines about to fit my usual style. In the end the poem fitted much better, or so I believe..

As an Irish man who rather loves the rain, both for the refreshing appearance it gives to my soul and for the effect it has on nature and wild life. It also helps the creative aspect of what I wish to write on. Todays poem is set on a walk in an area I go to very often for a walk , on one such day getting caught out with a heavy rainfall. Using most of what I saw on that morning and thus Today’s poem is complete.

After my brief experimenting with rhyming patterns I am most happy witht he finished product. I do hope that folks also enjoy this little poem and find it encouraging at the very least. Having said that Please Enjoy..

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Autumn Rainfall

Slowly walking on the wild side,
Someone still waits for their bride.
Eyes lifted upwards catching the rain,
Free-falling like water without a drain.

One stands preaching power strokes,
Another stands sheltered with smokes. 
Umbrella washed in mystery,
Gazing I thought some lost in history.

Almost insane it still flowed free, 
Mistimed like this weather all at sea.
Yet here it felt liberating for a time,
Strangely still no bells would yet chime

Walking through puddles lost in dreams,
That soon turned to flowing streams.
Finding solace in this unending torrent,
Assured why some would stand and warrant.

Blessed by falling showers that soaked,
Where many whispered and joked.
Rainfall refreshing life unseen without,
Yet I pause still too wet to shout.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you as always for making it this far into this post, I am always blessed by those who read these posts and comment, also by those who do not comment. It is an encouragement to kow so many read these posts and some enjoy the poetry…

If you wish to post a comment I only ask that such comments are as polite as you can make it, this is to avoid causing insult to any who happen to visit these pages. My wish is to create as positive a location as possible.

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In finishing, please take care, stay safe and show a little loving care to those who may be in need of a little loving care.

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