5 Year Song Bird Tune

One topic I have put off for quiet some time is one that is of a Political nature. But I wanted to place the poem in a way that it could easily double for a topic that strikes home for any reader. I believe that poets in history either spoke for ie. were a voice for a Person, Lordor King/queen etc OR they were not slow to criticise the same.

W.B. Yeats often wrote of political situations, one such was a lockout September 1913 ( being about a Lockout of Workers in Dublin ).. Basically I am trying to justify my feelings that In the democratic world politicians are fast to change their tunes from one that convinces the people to vote for them and briging them to a field of power.

As an Irish man who is proud of the struggle great people had to gain independane for this country and wondering IF they foresaw the kind that followed them? A curiousity if they would change their minds OR still thought it worth their lives. Todays poem is one that asks who stands for the people and stands without being tainted by the greed that power could bring. Also in much of the western world many remain homeless and political representatives voice concern and yet do little or nothing and even forgetting their ownconcerns once they cross to the other side of the wall that is political power.

On the other hand it could be a poem on who claims to stand up for people and grow silence and hideas if those they had concern for were non existant. This is a poem for those who are in positions that could change lives of people who are in need of such help and do little or noting, OR are overwhelmed y the lack of assistance coming from those in power.

Either way, which ever way you look at this poem, I hope that you find it enjoyable. Because how you see this topic and where you find the narrative within the poem speaking to you, I hope it takes you to a place that is just and right.

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 5 years Song Bird Tune

Stuck in a minute waiting on time,
When actions never fit the crime.
Enveloped in shadows just fitting,
What it appears not worth splitting.

Collecting gains who succeeds free,
Masses stand sheltering by a tree,
The pipers tune repeats each five years,
Democracy steps to buy the beers.

An oath a day kept no doctor away,
Promised power lead some astray.
When a number are beyond their privilege,
Caring comes with the cost of pillage.

Standards slipped beyond their call,
Were pride will never jump the wall.
Populace decide with the song birds tune,
behind the walls who can tell their croon.

Have founding fathers foreseen this day,
Could they tell the mournful greed pay?
Who proclaims the populace voice today,
Yet stand the ground without their fray. 

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022 

Thank you for taking some time to read this far into this post. It means a whole lot to know that folks read my posts and my poetry. Which ever side you took when reading this poem, and which topic this poem fits for you I hope that it is one that is just and right and this stirs to move in which ever road it takes you.

If you feel that you wish to comment I will welcome all comments, BUT ask that all ocmments are done ina polite manner, this is to avoid any insult a passing reader may find within such words. Basically speaking I wish to keep as positive an environment as possible.

When posting such posts as this one, I often publish the posts with typos or mistakes within the posts. I correct and update such posts as soon as i discover any mistakes, thus i ask for understanding in this matter.

In finishing, Please stay safe, and when possible give a little loving care to those within your society who are in need of a little loving care at this time. Until next time Peace, Love and Stay well.

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4 thoughts on “5 Year Song Bird Tune

  1. Oh, the homeless problem is enormous in my hometown. In fact, I went to a music festival yesterday at a place where a huge homeless camp had to be cleared out and it about broke my heart. As we left to walk to our car at midnight I saw so many rumbling by with their bikes and carts sort of in a daze at the thousands of people who have taken over their strip of land beside the river for the weekend. You are right, it’s a terrible dance of politics where it swings back and forth depending on the administration and therefore nothing of real progress happens. Thought-provoking and well penned poem.

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    1. Thank you Bridgette, I assume homelessness is an issue in most western ddemocratic countries. it never helps when Property rental prices go higher than the lowest income jobs pay. Thus many people become pointless for those in power many other issues there also.

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  2. To a degree, I see that the problems one person has is magnified billions of times, all people (save a few), walking about making mistakes, making choices, and choosing the wrong leaders due to that same problems within. There’s an old saying that people deserve the leaders they get, for they either vote for them or fail to act when necessary. Not a judgement at all. I think it’s the human condition. Prayers.

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