A Spotlight Moment

Hi,  I am taking time out to provide a Spotlight moment  on another persons work and in turn I hope to provide for her an extra. I am turning the spotlight on Lizzies Life. I know the work of this young lady for a number of years.  at least I should well know her because Lizzie is my younger Daughter. She is a talented young Photographer and her Blog covers her journeys to a number of areas, turning a spotlight as it were on the beautiful sights that she comes across.


Below you will find a sample of her most recent work which have been placed here with her blessing.   I do recommend that folks pay her own blog a Visit and drop her a Like etc on her posts. You can Visit Lizzies Blog  From Here.  Or by going straight to https://lizzieslife2017.wordpress.com/ .


I hope that you enjoyed this short post and even more so the wonderful work by Lizzie whose work deserve more of a spotlight than even I could provide.   I do hope to further provide another spotlight in the future on a Blog or Photographers work etc, basically anything could be chosen.


But for now the Spotlight has been on Lizzies Life.  Thank you and Until next time please stay safe.



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