Poetry During Lockdown

There are occasions that I experiment with poetry and poetic styles… Especially in an attempt to get across to any reader what state my mind was in, especially combining that with what I had in mind with such a poem.. One such example would be the following. Although I am not 100 % happy with the finished product it does bring out what I wanted.

©Pat Fitzgerald 2020

Unready, unwilling, untested to end it all,
Playing plain pain games with the mind.
Whilst what who where when the next
Infested, inbuilt, irritable irresistible choices.

Playing, praying paying, passing words
Furthermore, futuristic, fleeting moments
Walking, waking, washing mind bending moments.
Striking sinking stinging waiting for more

Inevitable, incurable invisible longing for words.
Playing plain pain games with life unfiltered.

Cluttered cleared cleansing minds eye.

Thoughts timed through days of peace
Find fleeting thoughts and the sands pass.


But I would assume that many poets would find something to write on during a Lockdown situation.. After struggling to find enough solace and a Topic to write I came upon this one by watching how some people acted during such a lockdown…

©Pat Fitzgerald 2020



Lockdown Lows as in a prison cell
Ever present the desire to venture
Call them forth  just ring the bell
Laying days surrounded by centure .

Bewildered below the constant flow
Where passion found another goal
Those that lined the streets to show
Their face was all to shoot the foal.

The tightened grip that is their lines
Uncaring sheep that flout advice
Beyond the gaze of the ultimate fine
Bringing despair on some twice..

Isolate and sacrifice a few short weeks
Now turns a life long  grain of pain.

Thank you for taking time to view these  poems.   I pray that you and all with you are safe at this tough time.

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