A couple of New Poems

Writing poetry is an enormous relief  to ease pressures of the day, but also there is a love for poetry and yet a sense of perfectionist within me to want pieces to be perfect to my eyes and taste.. Never the less below are two of my recent creations… I have a particular theme in mind running through each of the poems, but as always it is up to the reader to discover for themselves what the topic or topics are… Both are on completely different topics… I will be interested to know what people think  believe etc…   as always Copyrite is covered as usual, and as any poetry copyrite to their own authors.

Poetry by Pat Fitzgerald (2020)


Uncaring Generation

What have you become sons of Adam
What do you see when you gaze on the skies..
Crying crocodile tears rain as it happens
Bring  down your pride without disguise.

Where have you been Oh daughters of Eve
Who do you hear when you listen to the crowd.
Viscous voices crying foul without leave.
Raise your cares above the shroud.

Come to town and remove your crown
Voice your cares Disregard their wares.
Wailing wallowing your mask come down
Loose the bonds that bind your cares.

Lost are the days your cares were seen
Throughout the trials within your lives.


Did you kiss her hand as she walked their cry
Did you care for feeble ones as you held their hands
Did you wash your hand when you strolled on by
She wanders so o’er sea’s and lands

Corona is her name or that say some
Deaths card is hers to pass out
she does not come to play like some
The feeble find her kiss about then they go without

Did you kiss her hand as she walked by
Did you stay inside and isolate
or wait until she left the lands they cry you hate to stay within the gate

You kissed her hand as she walked by
You failed to isolate to save the lives.

If you have thoughts to share on any of my poetry please feel free.. I am should be able to take the worst 😉 ..  Please stay safe in these times we live in and look out for others.

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