Children’s Story

Back when my children were young I decided  to write a Children’s  story or a series of children stories. But in the end I only penned one… Backbites Travels  was meant as  entertainment and a form of encouraging the child to embrace their imagination. The reaction by each of my children was different to say the least.  But the reaction by one of my daughters has left a lasting impression and it has been with her encouragement that I resurrect Backbites  Travels..  They should serve as little tales about Friendship between those who although different serve as a reminder for us as people..  I hope you enjoy this short tale and feedback is welcome…


Backbites Travels by Pat Fitzgerald

Story 1
Backbite Looks For a Friend


Once upon a time not far away, in a rubbish heap there lived a little brown bug. His name was backbite and he was a lonely little bug who always wanted a friend. He lived in an old rug with his mother and his brothers and sisters. Even though he had 125 brothers and 175 sisters he was still very lonely and because his mother was so forgetful she forgot that she had so many children and she had especially forgotten that she even knew backbite. So Backbite was very lonely and always wanted a friend so that he could have lots and lots of adventures and travels.

So one day he decided to go and look for a friend and this was his very first adventure. Backbite said goodbye to all his family and to his mother who did not know him. He set out far beyond the end of the rug and had gotten close to the end of the rubbish heap when he met a flea. His name was Fred. Backbite stopped to talk to him and said “Hello, my name is backbite and I am on my way to look for a friend”. “My name is fred and I’m looking for an adventure” Came the reply. “Then, Maybe we could travel together and find a friend for me and an adventure for you?”. “That is a great idea, lets do that!” replied Fred and off they set.

Now, to all little creatures like Fred and backbite there was nothing beyond the edge of the rubbish heap and they decided to go there to find a friend for Backbite and an adventure for Fred. When they came to the edge of the rubbish heap they became frightened as they thought they would just fall off. Just then a voice said “Whats wrong with you two? Are you frightened of someone?”. Fred and Backbite looked around and there behind an old and rotten apple they saw an ant, who was busy having lunch when he heard all the noise. “Well” said Backbite “We wanted to go and find an adventure for Fred and a Friend for me, but we haven’t found any and we cannot go any further than this”.

“Well now,” said the Ant “Are you two not friends with each other then?”. “No” Said Fred “We just met a little while ago”. “So what is your problem? You are both travelling together and you are both looking for something. So I’ve got the answer to it all and I’ll tell it to you if you let me join you.” “Oh yes! Please, Please tell us” Said Backbite excitedly. “Well” said the Ant “Its easy and so simple. Why can’t you two be friends and you are travelling together and you got this far , so in a way that is an adventure.” “Wow” said Backbite and Fred together. “We could never have thought of that” said Fred. “and we can have many more adventures if you let me join. My name is Adam and we can all be friends” said the Ant happily. And from then on all three were the best of friends and had many adventures.




as always Copyrite laws cover Backbites Travels

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