Loves Haste

Back in 1983 One of irelands great folk singers, Luke Kelly, made his final performance (sadly he passed away in 1984), In that final performance he sung The Night Visiting song. A Scottish folk song that has seen many try to understand and even tell what the song was about etc. The Night visiting song is in my opinion one of the most beautiful pieces of work ever performe. The writer of the song is unknown and I have not been successful in finding out more than it is a scottish song. Much of Scotlands folks songs translate very easy into Irish life, especially when both nations are Celtic countries, thus closely related.

BUT why do I write here of a song that began life as it were in Scotland and wasperformed by one of irelands greatest artists and his final performance before his death? I was inspired to try pen a poem that centers as loosely as Possible by me around this song. I have read many interperations that folks tried to understand the song. BUT one caught my eye, which goes when a man wishes to meet his lover (in dating) he would (back in days of old) give his word to meet her later that night for example. He is bound by his word to keep his word even beyond death. If he were to die before keeping his word and appointment, then he will after death.

This brought a fresh look into the song and thus my poem that centers around it a little. I wil not link the song here BUT there are two versions I recommend one by Luke Kelly The Night Visiting song and the other by a group called The Whistlin Donkeys. Both do different versons obviously BUT Ilike the version by the Whistlin Donkeys. I used the song to base the poem on to see how far I could push myself regarding such topics. I hope folks will enjoy.

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Lovers Haste

With haste he rushed through the night,
As raging storms slowed his flight.
Yearning to enter true loves arms,
Without a stumble desires aim charms.

Charms carry him through fighting gales, 
Hearts desire speeds his trek, fateful tales.
In fighting storms rushing on love wins,
Love burns bright, death must wait, what spins.

Spins like tempest winds pushes and tarries,
Intended hope finds eternal love that carries.
To loves door defy deaths call beyond,
Now gathers alike nearby sunshine pond.

Pond like features gather with howling winds,
As lovers embrace finally greet thus twinned.
Loves shadows of the night to dawn light. 
Love departs in early dawns light bright.

Bright stars shine o’er tales of Love true life,
Keeps the heart sitting at edge of every knife.
When loves light shines let it burn past hurt,
Lifts a lonely heart from earths lowest dirt.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking a little time out of your day to read this post, I hope that it has proven to be interesting to read. I strive to experiment at times in my writing and also play about with style and rhyme. Thus todays poem is centered about such a topic as that which is within a song.

I often Publish such posts with some mistakes and typos included, BUT I assure folks that I correct and update as soon as I discover any such mistakes. I am prone to missing such mistakes and domy very best to correct as I discover them

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