The Gap of Dunloe

The following photographs were taken during a visit to The Gap of Dunloe in County Kerry Ireland. The Gap of Dunloe is a narrow pass between The Highest mountains In Ireland The MacGillycuddy’s Reeks on the West and The Purple Mountain on the East. Running North, south This is a walk filled with stunning views and a Photographers dream when it comes to Landscape photography.

To read More on The Gap of Dunloe Please Check it out here where you will find all the information needed for such a place.

During our visit I discovered that although it is recommended NOT to drive the route there were many local Irish tourists who were not up to the task of walking this stunning route.. The road in it self is quiet narrow as you will see from photographs. There are Pony & Trap Rides available to take you he route should you decide to pass on the walking. But I highly recommend it a visit when Covid 19 restrictions are done with.

We walked a large portion of this stunning place and did not reach the end of the route But given time and the all important cooperation of weather is important for this task. Rainfall in this area is amongst the highest in he country so check on local weather reports before taking this journey.

Having said all that Please enjoy the photographs .

Thank you for your time in visiting, until next time Please stay safe.

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