Poetry Time.

Thinking of decisions made and stories told one comes upon a topic for a poem. One such as the one below, that which with hope causes the reader to ponder on What, Where, Who and Why. Or at least that is always my hope when writing a poem.  An attempt to get the reader to tap into imagination and let it wander free if only for a moment in time.


wildly walking backwards or so it seems

that which pushed me on thus hinders

wandering blinded by the dreams

Of that which laid out for finders .


Burn below the fuse relight the way

carried by currents that carry us deep

The river long dried and currents stray

That lingers with us through our sleep.


Forward facing where wild winds roar

shackled by chains of tales old as time

bring us facing unknown rivers shore

to walk the day that sings its own rhyme.


Forward facing walking backwards into roads

that carries a tale older  than time itself.


©Pat Fitzgerald


For this post I am sharing one poem to let free Imagination and let it wander free..  In this age of ours Imagination is almost something that is seldom let free… Please enjoy, Until next time Please stay safe.

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