Inner Sanctum

There are times as a poet that I step in wards, into the pathways of my mind to find material that will become my next creation of sorts. Such is the case with todays poem, a creation that begum with a word that found its way from inner feelings and demons as it were that … Continue reading Inner Sanctum

20 Years

September 9th 2001 is a date that lasts forever in the memories of many. Yet it should be etched into the memories of many more, as a reminder of the great cost, that evil can bring. Yet 20 years on and it sometimes appears to be a distant forgotten memory that some wish they could … Continue reading 20 Years


I believe that as poets we should imprint the thoughts, actions and deeds about us. Like poets of old who laid their trade to the mast of their beliefs. I try to remain outside the cycle of lives about us, to find the thought that I seen as I stroll about the day. Sadly I … Continue reading Snakes


Have you ever had those nights that the slightest stirring or noise awakens you and the sleep disappeared from your eyes. Has your mind then wandered through a mine field of thoughts that appear to lay dormant within, awaiting for that moment to escape from its prison? Such is the topic of todays poem, in … Continue reading Moonlight


I longed for many years to compose a poem of sorts that carries within it a thought of what my country holds for me. A poem that in some ways tells what inspires me to love this land in which I reside. The same land that inspired generations of those who gave all to see … Continue reading Emerald


There are times that we come upon occasions that become a Battleground within our minds. Or a battle ground that most may never see or experience. The following poem is an attempt to place this mindset into poetry. It may not be a fantastic success BUT It tries to place for others to see what … Continue reading Battles

Freedom Flows

I have been struck by the millions that marched in various cities and towns throughout the world, all in the call for Freedom. To cry foul against a 2 tier health system / travel passports. A system that thus labels a segment of society as second class and less worthy of freedom than others that … Continue reading Freedom Flows

The Race

Todays poem is pretty much set on looking at life as if it were a race. There is not much to state on this but I hope it causes some to ponder as it were, where their race is run. Or how it is run, it differs for each person but the end result is … Continue reading The Race

Gilded Bird

How often does one walk through life without setting the talent they possess to flight? Like a Gilded Bird held within its cage, it remains unseen by eyes or ears that could see or hear the beauty it holds. Sadly too often many walk through life without letting that Gilded Bird free to roam beyond … Continue reading Gilded Bird

The Cry Freedom

For the large part my writiing never contains political messages BUT rather ones that are pointers as it were for life in itself. BUT with events in recent times and Vaccine Passports etc and other restrictions for those who decide for themselves NOT to get vaccinated either by choice of free will or by distrust … Continue reading The Cry Freedom