Love is…

While walking in the warm May air, I became filled as it were with terms that have today helped form what is now todays poem. It has surprised me how the combination of a number of words can bring forth a poem such as the one within this post, or indeed form texts as seen … Continue reading Love is…

The Word

It is not very often that I sit and write a little of my Faith, will or indeed have ever done soin an open manner. BUT I began the day out starting to compose a poem that centers about my faith. But in an open and clear form, Yet as always with my writings the … Continue reading The Word

Twisted Words

There are days when everyone has times when their heads / mind's are a jumble as it were. Whether it be due to headache or anyo other issue. BUT today has seen one of those days for me, Thus when trying to compose a poem, I decided to pen a poem that has words either … Continue reading Twisted Words

Break the Silence

I sit here as the time crept well past midnight and another poetic creation failed to pass my mark, that would eventually see this post find its way to being published. I have gone throuogh a couple of creations that i did not like for one reason or another. Until I find myself at the … Continue reading Break the Silence

On the Edge of the Moon

Sitting in my office this evening, gazing out a window watching passers by rush through what remained of their day. I set to challenge myself to compose a poem that would entertain (or seek to entertain) and yet take the reader on a journey through a mind set free to go where it seeks to … Continue reading On the Edge of the Moon

Walking Blind

Sitting in the late afternoon, striving to find an idea for today's poem, I began thinking how altered the opinion of humanity has become. How uncaring people have become to their fellow being as they pass by without a caring glance. Filled by the need to survive we forget those who struggle and pass us … Continue reading Walking Blind

Written in the Stars

Thursday April 28th 2022 is Poetry Day Ireland, and the Theme is Written in the Stars. I have never been one for following days set out for certain events or arts etc. But this year I decided on the last moment to pen a poem on that theme, which is the title of todays poem. … Continue reading Written in the Stars

Heart Song

To sit in the evening air and strive to find a word or deed that would inspire. Can often become a tiring deed, Every word alone cannot fit, nor deed by those about can fill that void. A void that is that unwritten poem as in my case. That missing link that ties all together … Continue reading Heart Song

Who Wait’s?

There are days that I compose a poem and eventually ask of myself, "What was I writing about?" . There are days that I write and walk away, yet eventually forget what I was writing about. Such poetry become an example of creative writing that went almost on its own way. Today's poem is one … Continue reading Who Wait’s?

A Precipice of the Mind

Have you ever entered days where you feel like you are left to stand on a precipice, with company and yet alone. Alone in thoughts that sweep you away into a universe that almost seeks to wrap you into the pleasures that life can bring. Not the pleasures that most would think of, but the … Continue reading A Precipice of the Mind