My Name is Pat Fitzgerald I live just west of Cork City in the Republic of Ireland.

I have been writing poetry for many years and studied English Literature in the late 90’s as an adult.   While studying, I became inspired by the writings of John Donne 1572 -1631, at which point my poetry began to take a form and style that I was happy with. This Blog is a place where I write down some Thoughts, Poetry and maybe the occasional Short story.


Within the last number of years my Daughters have also introduced me to Photography which I may also occasionally  include. My photographs are usually of Landscape, animals or other topics of my choosing, very rarely are of any individuals with the exception of family.

I also hope that it provides at the very least an enjoyable read for some.

If you enjoy the content, let me know and feel free to comment where you see fit.




I ask that you please support this blog by clicking on any adverts that may appear here.  These adverts are placed in the hope that they will provide a little financial support towards the running of all here. Thank You  in advance.

Please be aware that any Poetry and Photography are 100% my own and are covered by Copyrite etc..  If I do use a photograph that is of someone elses work, it will be those made available and I will give credit to those deserving crfedit, Thus copyrite will be towards those whom the photographs belong etc. BUT I do try to respect the privacy of others and ask that you respect copyrite etc .

13 thoughts on “ABOUT THE BLOG!

  1. Hi Pat, I’m really enjoying your blog/posts! I love your backstories too! Always fun to know how something came to be!! I am also deeply honored by your following and supporting my blog!! Much appreciated, My Friend!! 😊😁🎁✨👍

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  2. Pat, I really enjoy reading your poems and would love to be able to go back to the beginning of your poetry postings on WP. Might you have an interest in having an Archive for your poems on your poetry page? Similar to what I have on my blog. It’s just a widget that creates a chronological Archive. I would really love to be able to share your older poems with followers if you have an interest? WP Customer Service is always happy to help with this kind of stuff. Let me know what you think about this – chucklindholm@hotmail.com 😁😊✨👍

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    1. Hi Thank yopu for this reminder… I have been thinking on that but was putting it off and has been put off a little too much.. This is a project I am going to look into for certain.. Thank you again for reminder.. I needed it.

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    2. Thank you again for this reminder. With my daughters help I have set up a temporary method of finding archives. We are going to be working on a new design and layout that fits all that is used on blog here. There is a blog post pinned to top of the blog to show how to find archives.


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