Who I am

My Name is Pat Fitzgerald I grew up in the town of Charleville (Rath Luirc) in North County Cork (on the boundary between Counties Cork and Limerick in the Republic of Ireland.  I have lived in Ballincollig, west of Cork City.

I started writing Poetry when I was in my early 20’s, but never kept a record of my poetry for a number of years. My earlier poetry were without any form or rhyme and I never had any confidence in my writing atthat point.  I studied English Literature in the late 90’s as an adult when the chance to do so arose.   While studying, I became inspired by the writings of John Donne 1572 -1631, at which point my poetry began to take a form and style that I was happy with.


Within this Blog I have found a place where I write down some thoughts, Poetry and maybe on a very rare occasion a Short story.  But the content for the most part will be and is Poetry where I will at times experiment and work at various aspects of my writing.

My poetry will include a variety of Poetry which may vary in styles and rhyming patterns, also I havebegun to work on composing sonnets which I have worked on styles to find a rhyming style etc that I am more relaxed with. In time it is my hope to find a style of sonnets that I like and enjoy writing in.

I write a number of spiritual poetry, where I like to disguise most of the usual content often found in such spiritual poetry.  I also enjoy writing what I call and term for myself Social and social based poetry, where I like to highlight what I see within society from Lonliness to Poor, homelessness and How people in general appear to act and react to various situations.  Also I write on the usual topics such as Love and Loss. I welcome any and all feedback from readers and enjoy their coments on them.



Within the last number of years I was introduced to photography by my Daughters and I will also occasionally  include in blog posts. My photographs are usually of Landscape, animals or other topics of my choosing, very rarely are of any individuals with the exception of family.

My photography will not be aimed at photo shots of people in general but on other areas etc and basically experimenting and learning more of photography.

My Blog Policy:

My Policy regarding people posting coments is pretty straight forward, I request on each post that Folks who post comments do so in a polite manner. I wish to have as friendly an environment as possible. Also I strive to avoid causing any insult to folks who visit this blog. and because visitors to tis blog are from a large variety of countries and backgrounds, thus positive environment should be welcoming in my opinion. Any comments that I feel may be negative or negative leaning in any way or abusive etc will be deleted and removed with no contact or notice to the poster. This post here serves as a pointer that this has happened and will be the policy going forward.


Blog Funding & Financial support:

Funding and financial support of this blog is welcomed by me! All funds etc go towards keeping this blog running and aids paying for Domain and other features available on blog. At present I have started to use BUY ME A COFFEE whose banner will appear at bottom of each post  and below for an example and use. Below is what you will see  at bottom of posts going forward.

Buy Me A COFFEE to Help with upkeep of this Blog!

Would you like to buy me a Coffee? Please click on the button to support this page by Buying me a coffee. I love to sit with coffee in hand and compose such poetry as you have read here.

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I welcome any Donation that will go towards the upkeep of this blog, I will never ask OR Insist on a Donation, BUT IT does help a whole lot in keeping this blog running. If you decide to donate however Little it is. Thank You.

I also ask that you click on the adverts as they help provide a little income towards upkeep. again Thank You.

I ask that you please support this blog by clicking on any adverts that may appear here.  These adverts are placed in the hope that they will provide a little financial support towards the running of all here. Thank You  in advance.


Copyrite Notice:

Please be aware that any Poetry and Photography are 100% my own and are covered by Copyrite etc..  If I do use a photograph that is of someone elses work, it will be those made available from free sources OR on occasions with the blessings of the Photographer and I will give credit to those deserving crfedit, Thus copyrite will be towards those whom the photographs belong etc. BUT I do try to respect the privacy of others and ask that you respect copyrite also etc .

I have no issues with people wishing to use any of my content BUT ask that YOU CONTACT me first before hand so that I am aware who and when etc.

20 thoughts on “ABOUT THE BLOG!

  1. Hi Pat, I’m really enjoying your blog/posts! I love your backstories too! Always fun to know how something came to be!! I am also deeply honored by your following and supporting my blog!! Much appreciated, My Friend!! 😊😁🎁✨👍

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  2. Pat, I really enjoy reading your poems and would love to be able to go back to the beginning of your poetry postings on WP. Might you have an interest in having an Archive for your poems on your poetry page? Similar to what I have on my blog. It’s just a widget that creates a chronological Archive. I would really love to be able to share your older poems with followers if you have an interest? WP Customer Service is always happy to help with this kind of stuff. Let me know what you think about this – chucklindholm@hotmail.com 😁😊✨👍

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    1. Hi Thank yopu for this reminder… I have been thinking on that but was putting it off and has been put off a little too much.. This is a project I am going to look into for certain.. Thank you again for reminder.. I needed it.

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    2. Thank you again for this reminder. With my daughters help I have set up a temporary method of finding archives. We are going to be working on a new design and layout that fits all that is used on blog here. There is a blog post pinned to top of the blog to show how to find archives.

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  3. Dear Mr Pat Fitzgerald,

    Thank you for introducing yourself here. I have been visiting your blog since early June this year, when I read your poem for the first time. It is entitled “Momentum”.

    All in all, I am impressed and like your rhyming poetry, in which you have excelled. Since I have been composing mainly rhyming poems, often with end rhymes, internal rhymes, alliterations, assonances, consonances, sibilances as well as rhythmic devices, syllabic schemes, musical patterns, and other subtle or overt features, I naturally notice and gravitate to such features. Hence, I have many good reasons to like your poems.

    I hope that you will also enjoy my poems, musical compositions, essays, graphics and animations.

    May you find the rest of 2022 very much to your liking and highly conducive to your writing, reading, thinking, photographing and blogging whatever topics that accommodate your intellectual and creative endeavours!

    In anticipation of more excellent poems from you….

    Yours sincerely,

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    1. Hi SoundEagle I will be visiting you work as often as I can do. I try to learn as I move on in this road that is life and hope my work continues to improve. Thank you for such encouragement I will continue to work on my poetry and reading the works of others especially yours also..

      Much Blessings to you.

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      1. Dear Pat,

        Thank you for your reply. You are very welcome. I would like to inform you that when you visit my blog, it is preferrable to use a desktop or laptop computer with a large screen to view the rich multimedia contents available for heightening your multisensory enjoyment at my blog, which could be too powerful and feature-rich for iPad, iPhone, tablet or other portable devices to handle properly or adequately.

        I have prepared a detailed User Guide for maximizing and optimizing your experience of my blog. You are very welcome to consult the new and comprehensive User Guide to familiarize yourself with the many features and tools of my highly unusual, uniquely customized and multidisciplinary blog. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content and comment freely, as I welcome your input and feedback.

        The guide is available at


        Yours sincerely,


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