An Old Poem to Offload and Remember

This past week or so has been amongst the toughest that I have faced all year. On the 26th of September 20 years ago, we laid our youngest child (Darren) to rest. Facing the loss of a child is beyond a nightmare for any parent and one I have never completely come to grips with.

In 2002 I wrote a poem that I dedicated to my late son. To provide a little background to this poem. Darren was aged 5 years when he passed due to Meningitis. Darren was born with Microcephaly and from the beginning he faced a long battle for a quality of life in itself.

We never heard him speak a word. BUT his smiles and laughter spoke volumes. He never walked BUT had people running toward him. He was labled as NOT worthy of living in society, BUT he thought us and For one thought ME how pure gentle love can achieve so much. More than all else he thought me how to be a better person.

The symbol of a butterfly was and always will be very important to us because of an appearance of a Little Butterfly resting on Darrens little Coffin during his funeral. I wish to write more but will let it at this. All children regardless of their ability, or perceived ability or inability ARE worth far more than you or I will ever give them credit for. ALL LIFE IS WORTH MUCH MORE I learned that the hard way both from my late 5 years old son and his death.

This poem was written in memory of my darling son Darren, whose short life touched the hearts of many.
Darren Fitzgerald 16/7/1996 - 26/9/2001 

The Butterfly

Come sweet butterfly, come fly on by, 
Where innocence reigns as a little child.
Your presence about will make me cry, 
Leaving memories that appears so wild.

Though they said you were special needs,
withheld by hands that could not see,
A beauty within had laid the seeds,
An undying love, aged life could ne’er be.

Come sweet butterfly, come fly to me,
Come settle by my weary side.
And tell some tales, what makes you free?
Come sweet butterfly and here abide.

The summer’s sun, no longer seen
That warms your way to my door.
Come sweet butterfly for I am keen,
To hold you close, yet even more!

There came a day, detached from time.
Sweet butterfly, your loss a painful part.
A slice played sweet butterfly, that’s mine,
In the bewildered remains of a broken heart.

Always remembered, you’re always dear.
How freedom called you to soar above,
Go sweet butterfly you’ve found some cheer.
Forever dancing with the angles in love.

 ©2002 Pat Fitzgerald

Darren Fitzgerald Born July 16 1996 Died 26th September 2001

Thank you for taking time to read this post, which has more to do with personal offload rather than any other reason to post. Until next time Please take care and look out for those in need. Normal posting will resume in the coming days.

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29 thoughts on “An Old Poem to Offload and Remember

  1. 💜 My Commiserations to YOU!!! and YOUR!!! Family 👪 ; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that “No parent should have to bury their child.” ~ Theodon of Theodred ‘LOTR’


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      1. 💜YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome SupaSoulSis; it’s a Pleasure to Share and Serve, Stay Strong and Serene


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      1. They are here for some reason ;]

        I’m disabled too, I’m deaf, however the point of view of disabled people are really different, with unique creativity, without influence from the human’s “society”

        That’s wonderful

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      2. My apologies, Now I understand your question and In thinking I have found it hard over the past 2 years of thispandemic as people fail to grasp and understand that wearing face masks we cannot know if someone is talking etc.

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      3. No problem :]

        Anyway, yes, during the pandemic no one could help us or respect us to taking off the masks or something of similar.

        But I think for the our whole life we could not have right rights, such as equal opportunity and so on, I think that the laws and the rights of that society are just a a facade to justify fairness, in meanwhile only few people are genuinely interested to help and bring the disabled people on the same level of everyone.

        Sorry for my being negative, I’m just expressing some facts :]

        And sorry for my bad English

        Thank you very much

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  2. My heart goes out to you on the loss of your son. My son passed away as an adult, so although I have experienced child loss, my grief is different from yours. There’s nothing I can say to comfort a parent who has lost a child so young. My God comfort you, and may you find a way to accept His comfort.

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    1. Thank you. I learned about how child loss effects parents regardless of age from My late grandmother, who revealed snot long after my sons death that she also lost a child in infancy. at that point she was in her 90’s and at that point lost 5 children most as adults and learned that to a parent a loss of a child goes beyond age.


  3. We treasure what we love, specially the innocence’s of our children, to lose one a terrible tragedy.
    Love, and Blessings. ❤️


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