It is nights when the Midsummers heat brings my creatiuve juices to a stand still. thus I return to a battle where my creative mind suffers in the heat and my determination to bring to fruit a poetic verse that in turn I can share here. This is pretty much the content of my writing in todays poem. Sadly I doubt that many may find it bright, But it brings to light a battle of sorts that continue within my mind when I am determined to write even when creativity is almost extinct within.

In short this poem is in these few word my battle with a lack of creativity to end with a poem. Using a motto “If no content can survive, write on that battle” .I do hope that you find some enjoyment in this poem.


Finding it hard to sit and write
I strive to bring words to flight.
The nights heat distracts again
Bringing my mind back to then. 

Thoughts that carried to this point,
Fighting the urge to again anoint.
The unholy hour where dreams run,
Sitting in that web only I had spun.

Reeling the threads that weave
Through catacombs of my mind, believe.
Tales that spin in unseen realms,
Steered by those at the helms.

Hidden within disjointed patterns
Where Judas kiss relive in taverns.
Insanity of sorts embroil within the pits
That unwritten words at times sits.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

Thank You for visiting this Blo9g and for reading my poetic attempts. If you feel that a comments should be made, please feel free BUT Please be nice. Until next time Please stay safe and as always lok out for those in need.

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12 thoughts on “Unwritten

  1. 💜 It’s Funny SupaSoulSis; this is a beautiful piece yet YOU!!! Say ‘NOT!!! IN THE MOOOOD!!!’…perception of Self, Love of Self, Acceptance of Self is ALL Important; when Raised We ARE Conditioned by UpBringing To Be Part of a Faceless Army of Clones…both YOU!!! I and Many “Creative” Others have escaped The Gilded Cage Door that is ALWAYS!!! Open but We ARE Looking Down and SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy) NO!!! Means of Escape; so, please NEVER!!! Apologise for Hiatus in Creativity, it comes (pun intended) when it comes



  2. Finding it hard to sit and write I strive to bring words to flight. The nights heat distracts again Bringing my mind back to then. These lines are very much relatable and am going through it. Beautifully penned 🤝

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  3. I believe that even at times when writers like us find that creative bloick, there are always avenues and roads to travel down for a creative piece of writing. I found thatso often that creative block can be a mental block in some ways. Thus writing about that time in a block is a topic for writing. creating irony in my block. Thank you again.

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  4. hi pat. that post you liked, i began a fundraiser to try to raise money to repair my home from a natural disaster that happened, there was a few disasters to be truthful. If you could donated five or ten dollars that would be helpful. the amount of 20,000 thousand is in numerous repairs, i have a post ww2 home and although i tried standing up for my neighbors at the time of the disasters that didnt work out at all, no one got any help from insurance companys much less then fema i thought id write about it and begin a fund raiser. the man next door suggested i change my entire picture or write about my unit and military service and that i diont care to add as i sent him a text message back and stated imn not going to use his advice due to the amount of identity theft that happened to me besides intellectual property theft. i was capable of tollerating the injury i had from service yet then i was hit by a car in my =own town during a white out blizzard yet everyone knows that. i have numerous pictures taken with two walking canes and rightfully i should be in a wheel chair, God only knows if i could ever get surgery yet that might be too late. my foot hurts so bad I’m too loud anytime i talk no matter what i talk about because the strain in my leg if that bad as well as my spine. though thank you for liking the post at least. Patrick


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  6. yet i had intellectual property theft that happened to me that is God aweful! My time and work i had put into hand making a few of my own inventions my intellectual property was stolen from me. i made complaints including to the governments and there wasn’t any help. im tried. im hurt badly. and i dont know what else to say. yet im not listing things pertaining to ,my own military service on line nor other personal information so much because they never caught the assholes that stolen from me yet one of them happens to be in china that worked for compal of chicony the dude probably got fired from that place because of theft i wouldnt doubt it.


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