Battle of the Mind

I have been working on a poem that I wanted to place here with as little said about it as possible. My perfectionist sort of mindset often hinders my poetic abilities. Because I am rarely happy with what I produce in verse etc.

As seen below This is a step away from my usual style and as I said before I am rarely happy with my finished product.. Please enjoy!

           Battle of the Mind

 Building walls in invisible halls,
 Where no-one exists for me at all.
 Above in flight, beyond what's right.
 The howling winds that stirs a fright, 

 Mindful games, still eternally fighting
 For a place hidden yet still existing.
 Feeling at peace a moment respite,
 Where no-one falters without a bite. 

 Hill climbing exploits of the mind,
 Resides where fortune left behind.
 Within the sight where dreams abide,
 Share pressures and wastes, await to hide.

  Tomorrow comes in sleeping state,
 The unknown battle to end the fate.
 From the dawning skies of a new day.
 Within the nail biting finishes, my pay. 

©Pat Fitzgerald 2021

As always I welcome thoughts and comments at anytime, so feel free to do so if you wish.

Until next time Please stay safe.


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