Greyscale or Coloured?

Hi, We recently took a trip to Gougane Barra Forest Park in West Cork, both to take a little hike and to spend a little time with photography.   The few shots shared here are  of a Small Chapel known as St. Finbarr’s Oratory.   A Beautiful  little Chapel  set beside the lake.


I am asking you great visitors to decide which is the better (A) The Greyscale version of the shots as seen below OR (B) The Coloured version of the same shots..  I am asking out of curiosity and checking out if people match my views again for curiosity .


Photography ©Pat Fitzgerald

The stream as seen in one of the shots close to the start of what becomes the river that flows through Cork City … I found it interesting and cool to stand close to the beginning of that river.


as always all Photography is covered by copyrite. I am not a professional photographer just one who enjoys playing about with shots.


Thank you for visiting, Until next time Please stay safe.

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